Lightroom presets and editing photos help

Good Tutorials on Lightroom 4 on how to achieve vintage style editing! I am wanting to create presets and learn how to achieve this vintage style editing on photos.

I am a visual learner, so please a lot of videos and screen caps will be necessary for my learning curve as I am dyslexic and I often need to break it down visually vs just printed words.

Thanks in advance! )


Shawls of many colors and sizes

Creating shawls is a lot of work. I do them for special occasions and for gifts only! this one went to my daughter’s music teacher who is also a friend. Last Christmas we exchanged gifts. I also gave her a shawl pin but I forgot to photograph it before I gifted them.

My Christmas Card is done


The front of our double sided card. I created this in two different sessions. But at the same location. amazing how one day was warm and mild. And the other day was bitter cold and windy!

holidaycardback2014.This concept came to me in the middle of the night, I wanted to share our love of music and always having fun. We enjoy our life through peace, love and joy! Happy New Year!

Photo shoot Nov 2014

This is the front of our card. Yes, I know, we’re already thinking about that time of the year. Christmas! We tend to make our own cards and so I took the girls out to a local area to do a single shoot with the two younger girls as the elder had plans already made and we agreed that she shouldn’t break her promise to her best friend on her birthday. We agreed to try again later on with her and a few days after this shoot, we went back to the same area and did another mini session before she had to head off to be with her friends. Which later on we failed to meet as we took too much time. But there’s always time to meet friends…life goes on.


This is the on the front of card, I wanted a high energy and fun photo for the girls. We’re trying hard to show how we just roll with things.


Another good image, and the girls truly are close, yet at times you couldn’t tell because they fight a lot.


This is one of those rare moments where the girls cooperate and enjoy being photographed. I’m also creating a photo book, which now replaces photo albums.


Maddie wore this silly hat the whole time. I asked if she was hot as it wasn’t a terribly cold day but a bit cooler than say other days. Two days later the winds started. Glad we pulled it out when we needed it. Nov2014-5There is more, I will upload them soon. I promise.